How to do Goal Setting Right as an Adult Student

Congratulations! Choosing to go back to school is an amazing decision. You have just started your journey to career freedom. Before you get started, you need to set your goals right. If you do not have a vision of where you are headed, you might end up confused and end up not completing the course.

  1. Set both short-term and long-term goals

Long-term goals improve motivation, focus and meaning. Paying attention to long-term goals will help you endure the minor challenges you might face along the way. On the other hand, setting short-term goals will help break down an apparently impossible goal into smaller, simple steps. The small steps will help you remain on the right path and provide short term accomplishments and incentives.

  1. Consider obstacles

Identify the potential obstacle and devise methods of curbing them. Although this might sound negative, it is good way of being prepared for challenges that might prevent you from achieving your objectives. The most important thing is that you figure out ways of dealing with the challenges.

  1. Make it challenging

If you keep setting goals that you know you can attain, you are limiting how much you can potentially improve. You will not be motivating yourself to work harder than you already are. That is why you need to make your goals challenging, so that you are motivated to put in more effort.

  1. Make it specific

Do not use vague terms when setting goals, because it will give you a harder time when monitoring the progress. Aim at being better by identifying the specific areas were you feel you should improve. Clearly defined goals make it easier for the student to achieve.

  1. Be flexible

You can’t predict the situation that might unfold, or have things happen exactly how you would want them to. In case the situation changes, you may have to tweak your goals. Monitor your progress and amend goals in case you feel they are unrealistic. This will assist you to keep up the motivation.