What to Think About Before an Exam

Besides revision, what should you be thinking about the night before an exam? Are some thoughts better to have than others? Here are exam tips to help adult students achieve the right mindset before taking an exam.

  1. Positive imagery

When you visualize successful performance, you are likely to be more confident. Take time to imagine a positive experience and you will not be nervous at all. Anxiety has been found to make students perform poorly, even when they had prepared adequately for the exam. However, there are some potential demerits of daydreaming about future success, especially if you overdo it. Thinking positively a few minutes the night before your exam will help improve your mood.

  1. Recall your preparation

How well you get ready for a task is a good source of confidence. Relying on the controllable sources of confidence like preparation results in higher confidence levels. Remind yourself about the preparation work you have done and this will increase your self-assurance levels.

  1. Consider the exam as a challenge rather than a threat

If you perceive something as a threat, it is likely to cause stress. Instead of thinking about the negative consequences of under-performing in an exam, see the exam as an opportunity to succeed. Stress levels tend to rise when we keep focusing on the “what if I fail” thoughts.

  1. Remind yourself of your previous best

Thinking about past positive experiences has been shown to enhance confidence. Students who remind themselves about a past good grade are likely to feel more confident about an upcoming one. Think about what made you do well in the past instance and how you can apply the same concept now.

  1. Never compare yourself with other students

When students compare themselves with other people, their confidence is dependent on those who are around them. It is out of their control. This is very stressful and if increases fear of failure, which might result in another failure.