Tips from Working Student Moms on Managing Child Care

Returning to school can be very tough, and is even tougher for parents. You don’t have to wait for your child to start going to school for you to get that degree. Here are some tips on how to manage child care from other mothers who are in a similar situation.

  1. Determine your needs

Childcare needs vary from one family to another. One mom will require full time coverage, while another requires the service for a few hours. Start by checking your schedule and that of your partner so that you can decide the number of hours you require the care. When you are specific in determining your requirements, you can save a lot of money and avoid frustration.

  1. Look for a child care service that meets your needs

Childcare services are different. Your child’s age will determine the suitable type of child care. For instance, if yours is a toddler, an in-home nanny is the suitable option to keep your baby away from icky germs. As your kid gets older, socialization becomes important, so you need to enroll your child in a day care. When your little one starts attending school, a part-time child care service is appropriate.

  1. Create a support system

Your family and friends can play crucial roles during this time. If you are staying away from home, consider transferring to a college where you can live close to your family. Discuss with your partner how you can manage child care responsibilities.


  1. Prepare

Nothing adds to the stress of studying like trying to find last-minute fixes. Therefore, make sure you lay the ground work a month before your scheduled classes. When classes begin, prepare breakfast and outfits the night before. Pack lunches and keep them in the refrigerator. When you get most of your preparation done early, you lessen the stressfulness of the morning, and both you and your kids will be calm throughout the day.